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販售從世界各地搜集回來的古着衣飾。所有古着由店長親自細挑選。古着是種文化的見證,它經過年華的洗禮,無論款式、 質料、圖案都擁有它獨一無二的個性。愛古着就是純粹的愛上它那獨特的味道,希望能把它們分享給同樣熱愛古着的惜物之人。

Base Hong Kong since 2014

│About us│Hello Hippie

The fascination of vintage style is the way how it inspire your vision of future , is a journal from the past to imaginary expressing the way who we really are.
Vintage should not be one kind of fashion style, instead it is a Lifestyle.

We offer incredible vintage clothing from around the world.

Base Hong Kong since 2014

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We are vintage weirdo